Empowered Shades

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'Empowered Shades' embodies the strength and determination that radiates from within. This captivating oil painting portrays a woman with an air of confidence, her head slightly turned, and a pair of sunglasses adding an aura of mystery and empowerment.

The gradient of colors, transitioning from vibrant reds to deep purples, symbolizes the spectrum of power and resilience that defines this artwork. 'Empowerment Shades' is a celebration of strong, fierce women who navigate life with unyielding resolve.

As a piece of wall art, it serves as a constant reminder of the incredible strength that resides within every individual. This female portrait, with its bold strokes and captivating colors, is more than just art; it's a statement of empowerment.

Whether it graces your home or office, 'Empowered Shades' inspires and motivates. It encourages you to embrace your inner power, face challenges head-on, and exude confidence in every endeavor.

Please note: this painting is also available as a print

Original artwork

  • Ready to hang artwork
  • Canvas size is about 110x80cm, mounted on a 100x70x2cm stretcher
  • Frame not included
  • 2-4 weeks processing time to ship
  • Certificate of authenticity included

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