June 30th, 2022

Yes, I did it! After years of going back and forth about whether I should do it or not, I officially registered with the Chamber of Commerce. 

More than 1,5 years ago, I found out I was just a few days pregnant. A couple of weeks later my husband started his new job on the same day as the renovation of our house started. This was planned to be finished just a few days before my due date (I do not recommend 😉). Just 3 big events on the agenda: not really the best time to make unexpected decisions… But like anyone else experienced, the world stood still due to COVID and I started to lose interest in my job at that time. With a hectic year coming up, I couldn’t see my 9-5 job fit my life any longer. I quit. Besides, I had this dream that started to grow on me. 

“You should do something with it”, is what I’ve heard my whole life when people got to see scribbles of my muses. Never really gave it a chance to discover this “something”, let alone take it seriously. I’ve been drawing and painting as long as I can remember and as a young girl becoming an artist sounded just as unrealistic as becoming an astronaut 👩🏽‍🚀. The pile of paintings started to stack up so I started selling my work as a ‘side hustle’ while I was in University. I even signed up for art school, as I’ve always doubted my choice of study, but I wasn’t accepted, so I decided that this “something” was meant to be a hobby 🙅🏻‍♀️. Got my bachelor’s degree, got my master’s degree, and climbed the marketing career ladder 😴.

I kept on painting beautiful women and started taking portrait-, wedding- and other types of fun commissions. Who would have thought that I would design a Japanese influenced pillow for a VIP party in Paris, or paint the print of a pajama for a lingerie brand in the UK? (My mom sleeps very comfortable in it 👵🏻). I recently even created a huge 10 meters long painting, painting live in front of an audience.. which I never expected to do 🤯?! 

Fast forward, my corporate life is far behind me, I got an art studio and I took some time to develop my style a bit further. Now that my baby just turned one and she’s starting to go to daycare, I have a lot more time on my hands. Slowly but steadily my ‘side hustle’ grew in something I never imagined. If I would tell the 10 yr old me that almost 500 of my artworks would hang at homes of art collectors across 19 countries, I would probably just laugh at myself 🤡.


Anyway, you get my point, I guess I don’t need an art degree for this. Time to do “something” with it, time to follow my dreams! From now on: I go by RKHercules, oil paint artist. I paint beautiful women and I’m open for commissions. Feel free to reach out to me 👋🏻!