Early work

I've been selling about 450+ of my artworks (both originals and prints) since 2015 to art collectors across 20+ countries worldwide. As I've been lacking time to upload and keep track of all sales, I've added a selection of sold paintings below to get an impression of my old work.

I started selling digital fashion illustrations in 2015. By drawing on my cintiq in Photoshop I created all kinds of artworks of perfume bottles, fashion accessoires and female portraits. While developing my style more and more I started to try oil paint in 2016 in our attic. During the pandemic in 2020 I quit my job and got myself an artstudio to have the chance to make larger artworks.

imke van der spoel portrait model oil painting
"Imke" 100x100cm, oil on canvas, sold 


odette large oil painting royal blue black and white
"Odette royal blue", 120x150cm, sold  🇫🇷
beauty image paintings small oil on canvas siny make up
"Daisy", 25x25cm oil on canvas, sold  🇳🇱
extra large painting of portrat imke van der spoel model dutch
"Thinking", 150x200cm, oil on (hand gessod) canvas, sold 



beautiful woman oil on canvas sitting in sunray
"Woman in sunray", 120x150cm, oil on canvas, sold 🇮🇹
party painting woman with shiny ring on her finger
"Afterpary" 50x50cm, oil on canvas, sold 🇩🇪
large painting odette in taupe oil paint colors
"Odette in taupe", 120x150cm, sold 



fendi jewelry, female portrait painting oil on canvas contemporary art
"Think in silence" 50x50cm, oil on canvas, sold 



fierce This fierce portrait of a beautiful lady was painted in oil by RKHercules.
"Fierce" 120x150cm, oil on canvas, sold 



fashion model oil painting art
Fashion model portrait, 50x50cm, sold 🇦🇹
rebel oil painting woman sticking tongue out black and white oil on canvas
"Rebel", 50x50 oil on canvas, sold  🇸🇰
Dreaming, 50x50cm, sold  🇳🇱