Stare of confidence

Inclusief belasting Verzendkosten worden berekend bij het afrekenen.

Introducing 'Stare of Confidence,' a captivating 30x40 cm oil painting on paper that encapsulates the essence of empowerment. Amidst the interplay of strong shadows and sunrays, a resolute woman emerges, her black hair catching glimmers of light. Adorned with golden round earrings that echo her strength, she gazes slightly downward, her eyes meeting the viewer's with unwavering assurance.

The artwork's carefully crafted contrasts capture both the external shadows and the inner radiance that define her spirit. With each brushstroke, 'Stare of Confidence' portrays a powerful narrative of self-assuredness and determination. As she meets your gaze, her fierceness is palpable, an inspiration that transcends the canvas. This piece invites you to share in her strength and be captivated by the allure of confidence, encouraging you to embrace your own unique power.


Please note: this painting is also available as a print!

Original artwork

  • Ready to hang artwork
  • Oil on paper, 30x40cm
  • Frame not included
  • 2-4 weeks processing time to ship
  • Certificate of authenticity included

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